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The Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

In September 1995, Beth Shalom (House of Peace), Britain's first dedicated Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre, was opened on the edge of Sherwood Forest in North Nottinghamshire.
This countryside provides a peaceful setting, where visitors come to learn, to remember and to reflect.

Jan Imich

In memory of my Mother and other members of the Imich and Gumplowicz families who perished in the Holocaust.

Hove, Great Britain
12 April 2003

Shade Rupe

New York City
26 April 2003

Sasha Lewis

Brussels, Belgium
July 2003

Joe Nol

New Zealand
22 December 2003

Brian Averill

Milwaukee, USA
May 2004

Antik-Sammler Shop

Antik-Sammler Shop
September 2004

Andy Schmidt

November 2004

Michael Vetterlein

Great Britain
April 2005

George L. Salton

December 2005

TuttiCanti Film Production

April 2006

Ronne Randall

United Kingdom
August 2006

The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

USA & United Kingdom
April  2008

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