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Belzec Models

There is still no complete Belzec model available worldwide.
In contrast to Sobibor and Treblinka, in Belzec no uprising took place. Therefore nearly nothing could be told by Jewish witnesses about the most forgotten death camp.
Some sketches / maps from witnesses do exist: two drawn by survivors and five by former SS men (drawn during their trials). Building a Belzec model can mainly be based on these maps, some photos taken by former SS men and two air photos (1940 and 1944) from the German Luftwaffe.
Recent excavations (1997 - 1999), led by Prof. Dr. Andrzej Kola (University of Torun / Poland) and commissioned by the Council for the Protection of Memory of Combat and Martyrdom, brought to light a lot of important structures. In addition with researches made by M. Tregenza and W. Rutherford, new maps of the Belzec death camp could be drawn. In 2002 the approximate location of buildings and mass graves is no more unknown.

Many years ago ARC member W. Rutherford started making a Belzec model in scale 1:160. This work is actually interrupted.

Here we present some photos of model buildings W. Rutherford made for his first model (scale 1: 160).

Rutherford Models