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The Peltzman and Heller Families

Last Update 1 August 2006

Ronne Peltzman Randall, United Kingdom, sent the following informations to ARC:

Aharon and Reyzl Heller

These are my grandparents, my mother's parents. They lived on 3 May Street in Zaklikow, and had six children: Cypa (my mother), who emigrated to America before the war, Basha, Shmuel, Yakov, Yechaskel, and Brajndl.
Of the five children who remained in Poland, Shmuel and Basha survived the war. The others, like their parents, were deported to Belzec on the transport from Zaklikow on 3 November 1942, and died there.

Aharon, an extremely learned man, taught Jewish Bible studies at the secular school in Zaklikow, and served as secretary for the Zaklikow municipal council. He was highly respected in both the Jewish and non-Jewish community in Zaklikow. He was an ordained rabbi, although he never practiced as such.

Psachje Peltzman

He was my grandfather, and lived with his wife Rivka and their children on Sandomierska Street in Zaklikow. Psachje was a tailor. They had six children: Moshe (died in childhood), Chil (married Bayla and moved to another town, possibly Pulawy), Benzion (my father, Ben, emigrated to America before the war), Altah (Alice, emigrated to America before the war), Faygeh (Frances, emigrated to America before the war), Avram (Al, emigrated to America before the war and served in the U.S. Army during the war), and Chaya Ita (died of a burst appendix before the war).

Rivka, suffering from cancer, was taken to a hospital in Warsaw and died there, either from her illness or in a bombing raid. Chil, his wife Bayla, and their son Mates perished during the war. Psachje was taken to Belzec on the 3 November 1942 transport from Zaklikow, and died there.

Chil, Bayla, and Mates Peltzman

Chil was my father's older brother. He was married to Bayla (nee Norman), and they had one son, Mates.
I'm not sure where they lived, but possibly in Pulawy, the name of the town written on the photo. They may have died in Sobibor or Treblinka, or possibly in Belzec -- no one knows for sure.

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