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In this album we show photos which testify the mass murder at Babi Yar. The first part (red arrows) of photos were taken by Johannes Hähle, a military photographer with the German Propaganda-Kompanie 637 of the 6th Army. He took the photos most probably on 1 October 1941. Hähle died in 1944.
All his photos are from a single roll of 36 mm AGFA COLOR film. On the roll all frames are numbered. The first two frames have been destroyed. Therefore only 29 photos still exist.
At the beginning of the 1950's, his widow sold the roll to the widow of the Berlin journalist Hans Georg Schultz. In 1961 copies of the photos were acquired by the lawyer Wagner in Darmstadt in connection with the investigation of Sonderkommando 4a's crimes. The copies ended up in the Hessen Staatsarchiv in Germany. In the year 2000 Mrs. Schultz sold the original photos to the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.

Source: D. Malakov, "Kiev i Babij Jar na nemetskoj fotoplyonke oseni 1941 goda", in
"Babij Jar: chelovek, vlast', istorija", vol. 1,
compiled by T. Yevstafjeva, Vitalij Nakhmanovich; Kiev, Vneshtorgizdat Ukrainy, 2004.

The second part (white arrows) of photos contains mainly photos (black and white) which were taken by the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission (ChGK) in 1943, after the Nazis' retreat from the killing site. These photos show Babi Yar and the connected Syretzky concentration camp in the Kiev suburb of Syretz.

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Babi Yar
Occupation of the East

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