All Witnesses in the Table were Members of the Sonderkommando which cremated the Corpses

No. of pyres
Bodies per pyre
Pyre height, m
Overall number of burned bodies
Leonid Kivovich Ostrovskij 12.11.1943 25-30 2500-3000 2 - 2.5    
Jakov Andreevich Stejuk (Shtejn) 12.11.1943 no less than 10 about 5000 up to 4    
Stejuk 15.11.1943 no less than 10 about 5000    
"I can't tell about all the corpses, because I have seen the corpses only where I have worked personally…" Says that in his presence about 45000 corpses have been dug out and burned.
Semyon Borisovich Berlyant 16.11.1943   about up to 3000   about 70000?
It is not clear whether Berlyant's number signifies the overall number of bodies burnt or only the number of disinterred bodies which have been burnt. Separately he mentions that gas vans brought more corpses.
Isak Moisejevich Brodskij 11 or 12.1943       70000  
Vladislav Frantsevich Kuklya 04.02.1944 70-80 from 2000 to 4000 and more up to 4 95-100000  
Iosif Jakovlevich Doliner 04.02.1944   up to 2000 up to 2 about 100000  
Kuklya 01.03.1944 70-80 2500; in some 3-4000   90-95000  
Vladimir Jurjevich Davydov 09.11.1944 about 75 3000? 10-12 m? 70000 in mass graves?
Information from the book on Treblinka by Holocaust deniers Mattogno and Graf. It is probably correct, although at present the author cannot verify the primary source. The height of 10-12 m stands in contrast with Davydov's later testimonies. It cannot be excluded that this is the mistake not by Davydov, but by the person who wrote down his testimony (maybe not 10-12 m were meant, but rather 10-12 layers of wood/bodies). Mattogno himself points out another mistake, probably by secretary: "The word "August" appears in the text, which however is an obvious error. Four lines later September is mentioned in connection with the escape of the prisoners." As for the number of bodies, Sonderkommandos say that not only the bodies from the graves were burnt, but also corpses of gas vans' victims and corpses which the Nazis brought from other localities.
Ostrovskij 1944   up to 2500      
Davydov 1945   2000-3000      
Davydov 1946        
Davydov says that the pyres were as high as a 2-storied house.
Davydov 09.02.1967 50-60 about 2000 up to 4 about 125000  
Jakov Abramovich Kaper 13.02.1967       about 120000  
David Iosifovich Budnik 14.02.1967   up to 2000   120-125000  
Zyama (Zakhar) Abramovich Trubakov 14.02.1967   up to 2000-2500   about 125000  
Budnik 22.05.1980 55-60 no less than 2000   no less than 120000
Budnik explicitly says: "Here we count also the corpses of those murdered in gas vans and also those brought in and shot in August-September 1943.
Kaper 23.05.1980 no less than 60 no less than 2000   no less than 120000  
Trubakov 28.05.1980 about 60 2000 and more   no less than 120000  
Stejuk 11.06.1980 up to 60 no less than 2000   more than 100000
It is probable that in all these years SKs have come to some sort of consensus about the number of pyres and victims. However, in the protocol it is written that "according to my personal observations … there were up to 60 furnaces". It cannot be excluded that the words "personal observations" were added by interrogators to "sharpen" the testimonies for the court. These words are also to be found in several other SK testimonies given in 1980.
Kaper 1992 or 1993        
Kaper describes the first pyres as being about 2.5 to 3 m high, containing 2500-3000 corpses.
Budnik 1992 or 1993 about 60 more than 2000 different sizes, not less than 3    
Trubakov 1990s   exactly 3000   127000  
Mikhail Fyodorovich Matvejev 2000 about 100        

Sergey Romanov
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