Interrogation protocol of Johann Gall:


"On the way to Scheparovce a water ditch, approximately 4 m wide, had to be crossed.

Even we had problems jumping over it. It happened that some of the people destined for liquidation were not able to pass this stream. They fell into the water, and were shot by the

Ukrainians accompanying the group. In the forest, the majority of the people who were

led there were accommodated in a barrack from where they were brought from time to time

in groups of 50-100 persons approximately 20-30 steps towards the pit, where they had to lay down on their stomach. From there 2-3 persons at a time were ordered by a Ukrainian to the

pit, and were ordered to enter it. On the command “go down!” they had to again lie

down on their stomach, and were shot in the back of the head. The pit in which

the corpses lay was approximately 160 cm deep. When I was in Scheparowce, the execution

was carried out by the Gestapo man Göde, a Volksdeutscher, a light blond, strong, 165 cm

tall man, the Judenreferent (official in charge for Jewish affairs) Frost, and another

Gestapo man. Lt. Wittmann, Hertl, Kleinbauer, Kneisel and Pernek also stood at the pit.

I myself stood at the pit for a short time, and observed how the people were shot, but when I was fed up with this, I went away and spent some time in the guardhouse of the Ukrainians.

I think I remember that I saw that Pernek and Kneissl take part in the shootings. At that time

I carried a pistol but I did not shoot people.


Our platoon arrived at Scheparowce at approximately 11 a.m., and left it at approximately

6 :30 -7 p.m. During this time approximately 500-700 people were liquidated."