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Mass Execution at Glogow Forest

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Rudna Forest
Glogow Forest
1942 The Germans had 12,000 Jews in that square. At the entrance stood drunken SS men who took every one's bundle away. They divided the square in two: The young and the healthy were directed to the right, the old and the incapacitated to the left. On that day 6,000 were thus selected and brought in trucks to the Glogow forest where the prepared graves yawned before them. The wretched victims were ordered to undress naked and stand around the open graves. The machine-guns then mowed them down and they fell on top of one another into the pits. Many fell in who were wounded but alive, and the corpses covered them. At night the German fiends brought bulldozers to level the graves and pour sand on them. The peasants of the neighbourhood later told of groans and cries they could hear for several days as the living vainly attempted to fight their way to the surface. They all died a horrible death. (...)

Glogow Memorial
Glogow Memorial
In the afternoon the assembled Jews were commanded to march in the direction of the railroad station. The train stood waiting in Przebyszowka, 3 km from Rzeszow. They marched row on row, with the SS and police surrounding them and shooting into their ranks all the time. The whole road to the train was strewn with the dead. By the time the train was reached, 300 were dead and more than 1,000 wounded.

This entire "action" was organized by the district head Ehaus, the city mayor Pavlo, and the director of the employment center, Pfeiffer.
200 who would be sent to a labor-camp in Biesiadka, a village about 15 km from Kolbuszowa.

Adapted from the Kolbuszowa Memorial Book

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