... firmly shut off from the Aryan residential area and be guarded. Police Battalion III / 23 has been charged with this duty. This police battalion has instructions to watch the former ghetto, particularly to prevent anybody from entering the former ghetto, and to shoot immediately anybody found inside the ghetto without authority. The commander of the police battalion will continue to receive further direct orders from the SS- and Police Führer. In this way, it should be possible to keep the small remainder of Jews there, if any, under constant pressure and to exterminate them eventually. The remaining Jews and bandits must be deprived of any chance of survival by destroying all remaining buildings and refuges and cutting off the water supply.
It is proposed to change the Dzielna Prison into a concentration camp and to use the inmates to remove, collect and hand over for reuse the millions of bricks, the scrap-iron, and other materials.

Warsaw, 16 May 1943

SS- and Police Leader in the Warsaw District
(signed) Stroop

SS Major General and Major General of the Police