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Viktor Brack Letter

Viktor Brack
Berlin, 23 Juni 1942
W8, Voss-Str. 4

Secret State Affair

To the
Reichsfuehrer SS and Chief of the German Police
Heinrich Himmler

Berlin SW 11
Prinz Albrecht Str. 8

Dear Reichsfuehrer!

Having been so instructed by Reichsleiter Bouhler, I have put a number of my men at the disposal of Brigadefuehrer G l o b o c n i k for an extended period of time in connection with the execution of his special task.

Because of a renewed request from him, I have now sent him further personnel. On this occasion Brigadefuehrer Globocnik gave me his opinion that the whole action against the Jews must be completed as soon as possible, in order to avoid the risk of becoming stuck in the middle should one day certain problems make it necessary to stop the action. You yourself, Reichsfuehrer, told me once of the need to camouflage the action and that it should be carried out as soon as we can. Both opinions, principally leading to the same conclusion, are in my view more that justified; nevertheless please allow me to also bring the following argument to your attention:
Among the approximately 10 million European Jews I think there are at least 2-3 million men and women very fit for labour. Given the difficulties we face because of our need for workers, I am of the opinion that we should withdraw these 2-3 millions from the action and keep them alive. Of course that will only be possible if we make them incapable of reproducing at the same time. I wrote to you, about a year ago, that my subordinates have worked on the necessary experiments for this purpose. I would like to remind you of these facts once more. Sterilization as is usually practiced upon the congenitally diseased is not the proper treatment in these cases, because it would take too much time and prove too costly. A Roentgen castration, however, is not only relatively cheap, but can also be carried out in a very short period of time on many thousands of people. I believe it has become of no importance by now if those involved will discover after weeks or months that they have been castrated from the effects of the treatment.

If you, Reichsfuehrer, should decide to choose this solution in the interest of saving labour potential, then Reichsleiter Bouhler will be able to put at your disposal the doctors and other personnel required to complete the job. He also told me to inform you that in that case, I will need to order the equipment required right away.

Heil Hitler!


Viktor Brack