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... in the Lublin area and were heaped together unsorted in a factory.

During this transaction I got to know Gl. He showed-off enormously concerning his instructions from the RFSS to set up police strong-points in territories which had recently been taken over. He worked out fantastic plans for strong-points stretching to the Urals. He saw no difficulties in this. Objections he waved aside. He wanted to immediately destroy every Jew in this area on the spot, except those whom he needed for work on his police strong-points. He wanted to collect their property in big collection centres and utilise it for the SS. He told all this in his Viennese dialect in an easy-going way sitting in front of the fireplace in the night, as though it were the most innocent of stories. I was rather shocked by Glob., who according to what Glücks had told me was supposed to be extremely competent and to be held in high regard by the RFSS. My first impression was the right one. Globocnik was a pompous busybody, who well understood how to place himself very much in the foreground ...

Gl. = Globocnik
RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)
Glob. = Globocnik