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... and to describe his fanciful plans as though they had to a large extent already been put into practice. He alone, and only he, would achieve everything and do it in the best way, whether it concerned the extermination of the Jews or resettling the Poles or the utilisation of seized property. He was also able to tell the most incredible fairytales to the RFSS. Himmler believed him and still kept him although he became unbearable and was attacked continuously from all sides – SD – Gen. Governor and the Distr. Governor. I do not know what led to his final dismissal. From Lublin he went to Trieste as Höherer SS- u. Pol.Fü. (Senior SS and Police Officer). I know nothing about his activities there.
The second time I met him was in Lublin in the spring of 1943. I had to find a solution with him concerning a problem over some machinery and tools which he had made the local DAW – that was still under his command – deliver to the DAW at Auschwitz. He had described some ancient junk as being the most up-to-date machinery and reported it as such to Pohl.

RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)
SD = Sicherheitsdienst
Gen. Governor = Generalgouverneur
Distr. Governor = Distriktsgouverneur
SS- u. Pol. Fü. = SS- und Polizeiführer
DAW = Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke