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Furthermore, Gl. had created an organisation, the name of which I have forgotten, in which he put together all Polish and former Jewish firms in the area under his leadership to create a big flourishing enterprise that would surpass all of those which had until then been set up in the G.G. At the inspection the whole thing consisted of an office with a lot of notice boards, and plans, and his profit-calculations.

In concordance with his habits, he also regarded the Lublin concentration camp as “his” concentration camp. He issued orders and instructions to the commandants which completely contradicted those given by the inspectorate of the C.C. or Pohl. In this way there were disputes all the time. Gl., however, always got his way with the RFSS by continually pointing out the special situation of Lublin. He hardly bothered about instructions from the RSHA. He organised “his own” police actions, when it suited him. He carried out executions on his own initiative and at his own whim. He built labour camps for prisoners just where he liked, without bothering in the least about Pohl or D II, because it was always “his camp” and “his” prisoners.

Gl. = Globocnik
G.G. = Generalgouvernement
C.C. = Concentration camps
RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)
RSHA = Reichssicherheitshauptamt
D II = Department D II at the WVHA