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In the same way he regarded Sobibor, Belczek (Belzec), and Treblinka as "his" extermination centres. Eichmann, who had known Glob. from the time of illegal SS-activities prior to the invasion of Austria, was greatly bothered by him. While I always had to fight with Eichmann in order to slow down the transports of Jews to Auschwitz, Glob. could not get enough. He wanted to be absolutely in the forefront with “his” exterminations and with “his” collection of valuables from this action. As his adviser on exterminations he had SD Oberführer Oldenburg from the Führer’s Chancellery, who before the war had created the installations to liquidate mental patients.
Among Gl.’s extermination centres I saw Treblinka on the same tour of inspection. I have already described elsewhere the way of extermination there. The training camp of Trawniki was also a creation of Gl. He wanted to create his own unit out of these Russian guards and had obtained the consent of the RFSS to do so. As one might have expected, these guards, who were called Schutzmannschaften (Security Units), were unreliable. A company of them were given to me for Auschwitz. After a short time 15 of them fled, ...

Glob. = Globocnik
SD = Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service)
Gl. = Globocnik
RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)