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... taking with them all available weapons and ammunition, and were involved in a serious gun battle in which three Unterführers fell. Apart from three of them, who were able to escape, all others were captured. The company was immediately disbanded and all were distributed to other KLs.

In 1944, Höfle, his Stabsführer, came to Oranienburg and should have been taken over as Schutzhaftlagerführer of a KL. Despite understaffing, even Glücks refused that. Höfle had been in Globocnik’s school too long. From Höfle I now learned something about Gl. and his practices.

Globocnik wanted to establish a large German settlement in “his area”. For that he chose the surroundings of Zamosc. He promised the RFSS the settlement of 50,000 new German colonizers within a year as a classic example for later planned German large-scale settlements in the wider East. He wanted to procure the funds for this, the cattle and machines, within the shortest time. But the chosen area was still inhabited by Polish farmers.

KL = Konzentrationslager (Concentration Camps)
Gl. = Globocnik
RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)