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Therefore he started their resettlement without further ado. Where they went was not important to him; the UWZ resp. the RSHA or the BdS in Cracow should take care of it. The main thing for him was to free the area for 50,000 new settlers. According to Höfle’s description this new settlement of Globocnik’s was disastrous. And the settled Volksdeutsche were in no way satisfied. All the big promises were not fulfilled. They eked out a bare existence in strange conditions, always awaiting Globocnik’s help.
By an order of the RFSS, in the summer of 43, Globocnik was also in Auschwitz in order to see the crematoria and the extermination. But he thought that there was nothing special in all that he saw. His installations worked more quickly, and he started to throw around numbers about daily rates of exterminations – e.g., as I still recall, Sobibor with five trains daily – and the delivery of goods, which reached billions. He grossly exaggerated, on every occasion.

UWZ = Umwandererzentrale (Main Department for Resettlement)
RSHA = Reichssicherheitshauptamt
BdS = Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (Chief of the Security Police and Security Service)
RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)