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But I always had the impression that he was strictly convinced by what he said. From Eichmann I knew that because of railway-related reasons only two trains could arrive at Sobibor daily.
After the annexation of Austria Globocnik was Gauleiter in Wien. During that time he caused so much damage that he was soon removed.
In himself he was a good-natured man. What harm he caused was in my opinion a result of boasting, pomposity, and arrogance. I don’t know if he enriched himself in the course of the wild mess of the Lublin Aktion Reinhardt. I haven’t heard about that and I also don’t think him capable of it. On the other hand many leaders and men of “his sphere” did it extensively. The SS special court had constant work, and there were not a few death sentences pronounced.
With Gl. it had almost become a mania to confiscate and utilise everything reachable.

Gl. = Globocnik