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By that means he tried to make an enormous amount available to the RFSS. He tried to outdo Pohl in the procurement of money by the establishment of all “his enterprises”. In that cause he acted unscrupulously. He didn’t spare a thought concerning the legitimacy of "his requisitions". Of course this rubbed off on his subordinates. Because there was virtually no control, many started their own undertakings and confiscations, and in some cases established a flourishing traffic, or stole whatever they could reach.
Globocnik’s staff was really a selection of failures. But they knew how to make themselves indispensable and to ingratiate themselves with Globocnik, which was no problem given his lack of knowledge of human nature. If lapses were to be covered up somehow, Glob. did it out of good nature and to avoid his own practices becoming known.
And the RFSS believed in his assurances that his service area was perfectly “in order” and performed something “extraordinary”.

Cr. i. Jan. 47 Höß

RFSS = Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler)
Glob. = Globocnik
Cr. i. Jan. 47 = Cracow in January 1947