Children’s transport Vught – Westerbork – Sobibor, 5 – 8 June 1943


Proclamation by the “Kampleiding” of Camp Vught on 5 June 1943


To all Inmates of the Camp,


It is with our deepest regret that we must inform you about a horrendous misfortune that has befallen us. On high command from elsewhere, all children aged between 0 and ca.16 years must leave the Camp, to be housed, we were told, in a special Children’s Camp.


The terms of the order are set as follows:

  1. Up to the age of 4 (thus including 3 years), the mothers will accompany their children.
  2. From the age of 4 until ca.16, the children will be accompanied by one of their parents. Employees in the industrial workshops will stay here, and the Father can, if he is not employed, accompany the child. If both parents are employed, one of them will accompany the child.
  3. Those Fathers and Mothers who are not employed, nor have duties inside the Camp, can possibly both accompany the child.


Exempted can be only:

  1. half-Jews;
  2. those who are involved in, or have asked for an “Abstammungsverfahren” (descent process).


Because we are fully aware of how deeply this terrible blow has hit us, and that the grief that affects us all will be hard to overcome, the Kommandantur will maintain order and calm in the Camp. We ask you to therefore kindly keep order and to remain calm so far as is possible, so that we will be spared from the risk of even more serious evil from harsh SS orders.

We will do everything we are capable of, up to and until the last moment, to try and save as many as can yet be saved.

We do not want to keep you unaware of the fact that this concerns about 3,000 people, who will leave the Camp in two transports, next Sunday and Monday. Every one of you should await their call.

Finally we inform you that there is good hope that the children will be housed within this country, and the parents can return, if they so desire.


Because of this awful situation, we order that everyone in the Jewish camp shall observe a mourning period of 8 days, and declare all amusements forbidden until Saturday 12 June, 5 o’clock in the afternoon.


Vught, 5 June 1943,                                                             

                                                                                    The Kampleiding



                                                      R. Süsskind                           A. Lehmann