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Last Update 24 January 2005

Attempting to Personalise Treblinka Children's Statistics

The racist murder of the innocent victims knew no bounds and if anyone was ever more an innocent victim, then it was the children who were sent to Treblinka. The official figure of victims killed at this camp is between 850,000 - 900,000, of which this total, children made up at least one third!

Therefore in Treblinka alone, the amount of children that were murdered there by the Nazis can arguably be derived at between, 280,00 to 300,000 (Yes, three-hundred-thousand!).

Most of these children went through a fate very similar to the two children, Guta and Abus, of survivor Strawczynski, of whom he describes the following:

Guta and Abus Strawczynski
"Although utterly exhausted after twenty-four hours in the tightly packed cattle cars, we shivered with terror when the train stopped and we heard frightful shouts: "Out, Out..." Whips fly over our heads... In the eyes of my wife I recognize that finally even she has begun to believe the horrible rumours about the gas factory beyond Malkinia. I can see that now she regrets not having agreed to my plan to hide with the children in our neighbour's hideout. We run out as fast as we can to avoid the whips lashing overhead, and find ourselves on a long, narrow platform, crowded to capacity. All familiar faces-neighbours and acquaintances. A smell of charred flesh stifles the breath. Unwittingly, I catch a glimpse of the mountains of clothing, shoes, bedding and all kinds of wares that can be seen over the fence. The dense mass of people is pushed toward and jammed through a gate... Down this Alley, completely naked, they took their last walk-my dear wife and children, father, mother, brothers and sisters, together with millions of Jewish men and women... They never came out of the "bath". [Strawczynski]

This is just a small testimony of the fate of two children of whom we have a names connected to innocent faces.
Think about the fact that most of these 300,000 had a family,
hopes and dreams for the future...
How many could have been teachers...? How many could have been artists...?
How many could have been musicians...?
How many could have been politicians...? How many could have been doctors...?
How many could have been fathers and mothers...
how many could just have been a good friend!

Let us try and convey the cold statistic of an amount of 300,000 children

The following are all pictures of children who were murdered at Treblinka by the Nazis.
[Photo credits to: Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz, and Simon Wiesenthal website from where these photos were obtained.]

Imagine two children like Guta and Abus Strawczynski,


imagine another one,


and another two like them. . .


So we have five out of the 300,000 children that were murdered.

Imagine another five children,
Murzan -

This amounts to ten out of 300,000 children that were murdered.

Imagine another five children?

Now we have fifteen of the 300,000 children that were murdered.

Now add another 15 children:
15 children [A section of a group photo] who came from the Janusz Korczak Orphanage in the Warsaw Ghetto

This amounts now to thirty of 300,000 children that were murdered.

multiply this group of 30 innocent children with 10,000.
This will amount to the statistical sum of
300,000 children
that were murdered at Treblinka... by the Nazis!

No children survived Treblinka as they were immediately sent to their death, either being shot at the "Lazarett" (the execution pit disguised as a field hospital) or together with the adults in the gas chambers. In the gas chambers they went through a particular horrifying death, as the children were usually the last to die, as due to the fact that youngsters' blood contain more oxygen. According to eyewitness accounts, some children survived the painful ordeal in the gas chambers, but no mercy was shown as the Nazis shot them in the head.

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