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Treblinka Model according to survivor Richard Glazar

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my model of the former extermination camp TREBLINKA. I built the model between 1995 and 1998 in remembrance of nearly one million people who were killed at this site.

I received useful information in constructing the model from the following sources: Dr. Burba of Einbeck; Mr. Dreßen of the Zentrale Stelle Ludwigsburg; Mr. Lozowick of Yad Vashem; Mr. Wysok of Lublin and Mrs. Goldstein of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC. Thanks to Mr. Vanderwerff from Ontario who helped revising this text. The model is dedicated to the memory of Richard Glazar and his wife who, unfortunately, both passed away in 1997. Mr. Glazar was one of the few people who escaped from this camp. By personal talks, letters, and telephone calls he was able to answer many important questions. His contribution allowed me to construct the model as authentically as possible.

The model (scale 1:400) measures 1.5 x 1 metre. It consists of three parts: each 0.5 x 1 metre and represents conditions as they existed in the year 1943.

The model is exhibited since 2003 at the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre in England (see the "Links" page).


M. Peters