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Vilnius Ghetto Songs

By kind permission of
Gojim - An Austrian Group of Musicians

CD Cover
CD Cover
Int. Herald Tribune:
"Much more intense and Brechtian, with stunning harmonies and virtuoso solos with a tender undercurrant, are Gojim, an ensemble of six Viennese conceived in 1987 by the Burgtheater actress Caroline Koczan.

Gojim's CD "Ess firt kejn weg zurik..." is available via Gojim's website.
The CD includes 15 Yiddish songs from the Vilnius Ghetto, together with a song-book.

Sog nit kejnmol   Gojim

Partisaner-Marsch   Gojim

Ponar-Wiglid   Gojim

Itzik Wittenberg   Gojim

Shtil di Nacht