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Deportation Transports

Last Update 23 December 2004

Transport Lists

Terezin (Theresienstadt)      

      Transports from Terezin ("Theresienstadt") and Prague - Destinations

            A Page of Transport Ax (9 May 1942)

            A Page of Transport Bo (19 September 1942)

      Transports from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Terezin to Izbica

            A Page of Transport Ab (17 March 1942)

Transports from Macedonia and Thrace

      Dimitar Peshev

Transports from Slovakia

      Deportations of Slovakian Jews to the Lublin District

Transports from France

      The Deportation Camps Drancy and Gurs   

Transports from the Netherlands   

      Transit Camps in the Netherlands   

Transports within the General Gouvernement to Sobibor in 1942

Transports from Austria

      Transport from 14 June 1942

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